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The 2016 US Presidental Election Spectacle or Horror Show?

David L. Kirp

Event: The 2016 US Presidential Election: Spectacle or Horror Show?

Date: September 7, 2016 Duration: 52 minutes

The rhetoric in the forthcoming US Presidential Election is arguably the most contaminated ever. The mudslinging among the principal candidates of the nation’s highest office has reached unprecedented levels. Hillary Clinton believes that Trump is the most dangerous man ever to run for office (on Charlie Rose 18 July), while Donald Trump has labelled his opponent a monster (in rally speech 5 August).

The battle is being fought on all fronts. New York Post has endorsed Trump and says that Trump speaks for the forgotten America. At the same time New York Daily News warns that heaven help America if Clinton were to fail in her bid for office.

In this talk, professor at the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, David Kirp will discuss the ongoing election campaign, also giving some insights to what is happening behind the scenes in a US presidential race.

David Kirp is a New York Times columnist and was a member of President Obama’s transition team. He is an informal adviser to the Clinton campaign. He is a member of the National Academy of Education, a contributing writer to the New York Times Sunday Review and a senior scholar at the Learning Policy Institute. In his seventeen books and hundreds of articles, he has mainly focused on education and youth policy, spanning the age range from cradle to college and career.