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Sustainable Energy Now and in a Livable Future (SETI Talks 2016)

Daniel Kammen

Event: SETI Institute Weekly Colloquium: Sustainable Energy Now and in a Livable Future

Date: December 20, 2016 Duration: 97 minutes

It has been scientifically clear for some time that the global community must decarbonize the energy and material system entirely by mid-century. In additional recent energy future scenarios have highlighted the pathways to reach this dramatic decarbonization objective on household to village to national and regional levels. The short—few decade—time needed for this transition demands a rapid scale- up on current and near-term technologies, while the long-term complete energy sector transition opens the door for an innovation and industrial transformation program. In this talk both the near- and long-term energy vision will be explored in the context of a clean energy economy, and the social and equity implications.