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Public Research Universities: Recommitting to Lincoln’s Vision

Robert J. Birgeneau, Henry E. Brady, Michael Nacht

Event: Public Research Universities: Recommitting to Lincoln's Vision

Date: September 8, 2016 Duration: 68 minutes

In order to guarantee that the United States will continue to have world leading public research universities—which are accessible to the entire population, not just students from privileged backgrounds—a new compact for the support of public higher education is required. This compact will involve symbiotic partnerships between the federal and state governments, corporations, foundations and philanthropists, and the universities and their students. Robert Birgeneau, Chancellor Emeritus, UC Berkeley and Henry Brady, Dean of the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, discuss specific actions by each of these sectors and specific state and federal government legislation which will enable our public universities both to excel and to continue to retain their public character.