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Meredith Sadin


Meredith Sadin


Dr. Meredith Sadin received her Ph.D. in Politics and Social Policy from Princeton University in 2014. As a member of the Analytics Department (or, “The Cave”) in Barack Obama's 2012 Presidential Campaign Headquarters, she helped implement new ways of applying experiments to understanding voter sentiment, targeting, and underlying societal mechanisms. In this role, Dr. Sadin was responsible for designing, implementing, managing, and analyzing dozens of large-scale survey and field experiments - some involving more than a million subjects. 

Dr. Sadin has spent the last three years exploring the ways in which urban design influences civic life. Her findings will form the basis of an upcoming publication titled Assembly: Shaping Space for Civic Life, funded by the Knight Foundation, which will serve as a resource for policymakers. 

Dr. Sadin has been invited to speak about her research at top universities and organizations across the country, including the FBI, Enroll America, Facebook, Airbnb, Square, Wells Fargo, and city governments in New York City, Charlotte, Miami, and New Orleans. Her work has been funded by the Russell Sage Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and cited in The New York TimesThe Washington Post, and New Republic.



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