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Our Agenda

Climate Mitigation, Energy Transformation and Protection of Community Air Quality

CEPP and the Goldman School

Climate change cuts across virtually all disciplines, all economic sectors, and all policy avenues. It calls for optimizing solutions to provide diverse benefits:

  • reducing GHG emissions
  • ensuring resilience
  • promoting sustainable development
  • reducing health risks
  • creating an improved quality of life for all

Three promising directions stand out:

  1. Use implementation advice and stakeholder dialogues to help California officials implement new legislation requiring a 40% GHG emission reduction program by 2030. And to reduce air pollution in California communities.
  2. Executive training for teams of senior developing country officials to assist in developing their national climate and energy transformation programs and strong investment strategies.
  3. Convening European, developing country, US and California policy makers to redefine the electric utility business paradigm and explore paths to energy transformation.