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Spring 2017 CCDE Fellows

Jasmine Hernandez

Cal class of 2018

Jasmine Hernandez is a third year student at the University of California, Berkeley studying anthropology.  Although Berkeley does not offer concentrations for the major, her interests lie in physical and biological anthropology. Throughout her years at Berkeley, she has also enjoyed studying archaeology—she believes that studying the past benefits both the present and the future, and that anthropologists and archaeologists can together bridge gaps of knowledge that exist in human societies. During her sophomore year, she helped translate notes from an anthropologist who spent years amongst the Amah-Mutsum and Runsum tribes that are being used to help modern-day tribe members reconstruct ancestral lifestyles. This past semester, she interned at Berkeley’s Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, where she helped re-house skeletal remains and database written osteological records for the museum. From this experience, her interest in studying skeletal remains to learn about individuals and societies expanded further. Ever since Jasmine was a child, she wanted to become a forensic anthropologist to help bring closure to the families of lost loved ones. This internship, alongside her courses, provided her with the first step in achieving that. She also gained exposure to the environment surrounding Native American rights. While interning in D.C., she plans on using her anthropological knowledge to benefit those who may not have the resources to understand the often broken pasts of society. She strives to work with an organization whose mission is to give back to community members. 

Julie No

Cal Class of 2017

Julie No is a graduating senior at UC Berkeley majoring in Cognitive Science. She was born and raised in Orange County, Southern California. Julie’s time at UC Berkeley allowed her to cultivate a passion to alleviate socioeconomic inequality including education inequality. Her coursework and work experience have inspired her to solve these problems using innovative thinking and empathy for people. As an interdisciplinary studies major, she has taken a variety of courses that range across psychology, computer science, philosophy and many more fields. Throughout her time at Berkeley, she has been involved with organizations such as the Office of Student Development, Student Affairs Information Technologies, and Office of the Registrar. Her experience with these campus organizations has inspired her to better everyday lives of people such as those in her Berkeley community. Julie has always aspired to work in the public sector and believes Washington, DC to be the best place to address systematic issues. While at UCDC, Julie plans to intern at the Department of State, in the Office of the Secretary. She will be working with one of their several offices to support and assist the Secretary of State and the Department’s missions.