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Spring 2016 CCDE Fellows

Alexandra Morales

Cal Class of 2016

Alexandra Morales is a senior at UC Berkeley majoring in Social Welfare. She was born and raised in Los Angeles. Alexandra has used the social welfare platform to dive deeper into expanding her understanding of the various social issues that affect her communities back home and in society at large. Alexandra has intentionally taken courses in disciplines such as urban sociology, organization management, political studies, peace and conflict studies, and public policy to strengthen her background and experiences which she believes will make her a better prepared public servant. She lives by and is motivated by her motto: “If you do not like the situation, do something about it.” During her spring semester in Washington D.C., Alexandra will be interning in the Los Angeles Mayor’s Federal Liaison Office. In her role as a policy fellow, she plans to build on her past local government experiences and explore career opportunities of interest to her in the public service sector. Alexandra is a recipient of the Cal Alumni Association Achievement Award (TAAP). She is also TAAP’s Leadership Executive Director and facilitates programming and support for a program of 100 scholars. Additionally, Alexandra represents current Cal students in her role of Student Director on the Cal Alumni Association’s Board of Directors. Read her story.

Estrella Sainburg

Cal Class of 2016

Estrella Sainburg is a fifth year at UC Berkeley, majoring in Development Studies and minoring in Global Poverty & Practice. Estrella lived in Chile from June to December 2015 as an exchange student at the Pontifícia Universidad Católica de Chile and interned at a Chilean non-profit organization, Corporación Chile Ambiente. This spring, inspired by an environmental consulting project abroad and a passion for human geography, Estrella will be interning at the United States Department of Justice Environmental and Natural Resources Division. With previous experience co-facilitating a student designed and led course on water and human rights at UC Berkeley, in addition to two summers spent researching drinking water access in rural Mexico, Estrella is excited to learn from experts in the capital about the environmental legal cases that we face in the United States. With a growing concern for safe and adequate drinking water sources in the United States, Estrella is committed to understanding the influential legislation that creates and permits complicated environmental injustices to occur. Estrella seeks to address these challenges in the future by utilizing her previous experiences and the new skills that she develops in Washington DC. Read her story.

Annie Yu

Cal class of 2016

Annie Yu is a senior at UC Berkeley studying Public Health and Legal Studies with a passion for health policy. Her main academic focus is on health disparities and social determinants of health. While at Berkeley, Annie interned at the Men’s Housing Program at Berkeley Food and Housing where she co-piloted a wellness program for the homeless veteran clients aimed at improving overall health. She was also on the executive board of the Labor Coach Organization on campus which provided labor support and interpretation services to low-income, immigrant mothers. Annie’s experiences in Berkeley have shaped her determination to alleviate social inequities as an upstream method to address health. In spring 2016 Annie will be a health policy intern with Alliance for Health Reform in Washington, D.C., where she will assist with briefings on upcoming health care issues to support informed decisions on health policy. She is excited to participate in the UCDC program and hopes to gain valuable experience in the interaction between health and politics. Read her story.