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Spring 2010 CCDE Fellows

Danielle Fumagalli

Cal Class of 2010

Internship at US State Department, Bureau of East Asian Policy Affairs, Office of Economic Policy.

UCB Washington research project: Effects of CAFTA trade agreement on Indonesian economy and society.

Danielle emphasized how many interesting and responsible assignments she had at the State Department, including writing memos for high-level officials (e.g., Hillary Clinton and others), and that she too learned a lot from the diversity of students at UC DC (including the students from U of M and U Penn.  Read her story.

Kristopher Jacob (Jacob)

Cal Class of 2010

Internship at the American Academy of Diplomacy.

UCB Washington research project: The role of the banking industry in the recent financial crisis.

Jacob emphasized how his experience at UCDC deepened and broadened his thinking about issues through his discussions with other students and his exposure to DC politics. Read his story.