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Fall 2012 CCDE Fellows

Hillary Gibson

Cal class of 2013

Hillary Gibson is a senior at UC Berkeley, majoring in English with a minor in Public Policy. She is interested in health policy, particularly the dynamics of the health insurance industry in the United States. During the Fall 2012 semester, Hillary will attend the UCDC Program with the intent of interning at an NGO focused on health care reform. Her research focus will be the evolution of private health care in the United States compared to the publicly funded health care policies of countries with political structures similar to that of the U.S.

Lucy Liu

Cal Class of 2013

Lucy Liu is a senior at UC Berkeley majoring in Political Science and minoring in Public Policy. Although she came into Berkeley focused on political science, she found herself interested in policy research after taking a few public policy courses and is now considering pursuing a degree in this field. Lucy also has an interest in low-income housing issues, in particular the continuation and expansion of public housing programs. During her fall semester at UCDC, Lucy hopes to build upon her knowledge of public housing issues while also gaining a broader experience of the legislative process and the workings of Capitol Hill. She will be interning with the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities in the Federal Legislative Affairs Department, where she will be doing housing research as well as following prominent legislation. Read her story.

Adam Mealey

Cal Class of 2013

Adam Mealey is a senior at UC Berkeley majoring in Political Economies with a concentration in Education, Development and Trade. This focus examines the role of education within the larger sphere of international development and economic growth. His research will examine these issues in relation to Latin America in particular. While in D.C., he hopes to intern at a non-governmental organization that works in the field of foreign affairs or international education. Read his story.