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Fall 2011 CCDE Fellows

Brittini Hamilton

Cal Class of 2012

“Every person that I have met while participating in UCDC has put something into perspective for me, which has been extremely helpful as I make the transition from a student into the working world.”

Brittni Hamilton was born and raised in Long Beach, California. She is a senior with a major in Rhetoric and a minor in Education. Brittni is passionate about public policy issues that deeply affect under-resourced African American communities throughout the country, specifically social policy and educational policy issues. She has gained experience with these policy areas, having interned on Capitol Hill in the summer, of 2010 and volunteering with different education-based outreach groups throughout her time at Cal. During fall 2011 with the Washington D.C. Program, Brittni hopes to continue adding to her experience by interning with organizations that are focused on the improvement of both policy issues.  Read her story.

Sara Lee

Cal Class of 2012

“My time at UCDC has been absolutely life-changing and I am so grateful for the assistance of the Center and members of the Cal Class of 1968, both financial and through advice and encouragement.”

Sara Lee is a junior at UC Berkeley, majoring in Political Science with an emphasis on International Relations, and with a minor in Chinese. She will be spending her fall semester interning with the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs in the Subcommittee on East Asian Affairs. Her research will focus on the impact that issues revolving around North Korea have on Sino-US relations. She hopes to contribute towards resolving the challenges caused by North Korea’s nuclear program and refugee crisis in the event of Pyongyang’s collapse. After her semester in D.C. and her graduation in May 2012, Sara plans to continue working towards improving US foreign relations with countries in East Asia. She eventually plans on pursuing a master’s degree in international affairs or public policy.  Read her story.

Eric Moorman

Cal CLass of 2012

Eric is currently a third-year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley, majoring in Political Science, with a subfield concentration in International Relations. As a student of international relations, he has always been interested in the challenges, both legal and practical, that terrorism poses to modern national governments. He is particularly interested in examining the difficulties faced by individual governments, as well as the international community at large, in developing and implementing effective counterterrorism policies.  During his semester in Washington, D.C., he hopes to intern at the State Department or at a foreign-policy related think tank such as the Woodrow Wilson Center or the Center for Strategic and International Studies.  Read his story.