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Fall 2010 CCDE Fellows

Eliazar Masansi Chacha

Cal Class of 2011

Eliazar Masansi Chacha was born in Oakland, California, and raised by Tanzanian Immigrants in Richmond, California. He is a senior double majoring in African American Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies: Law and Race with a minor in Education. For both majors, he has conducted honors theses entitled Breaking the Silence: Uncovering the Experiences of Mixed-Race Member of Progressive Black Organizations at the Turn of the Century (African American Studies) and Compromising Race: The Politics Behind and the Effects of the Three-Fifths Compromise (Interdisciplinary Studies). In the Fall of 2011, Eliazar will be entering graduate school to study how American wars, specifically the American Revolutionary War and American Civil War, have affected notions of legal and social citizenship for African American men and women.

Grace McCullough

Cal class of 2011

Grace McCullough is currently a 5th year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley, with a major in American Studies, concentrating in 'Equity in Education'. She will be spending her fall semester in Washington, D.C. interning for the National Education Association and focusing her research on how the current system of public education functions and what changes need to be made in order to provide a more quality, public education to every child in the United States. After her undergraduate studies, Grace plans to attend graduate school for a Masters in Education. She plans to begin her career as a teacher, before working in more policy and administration-related work in the field of education. Grace is very passionate about quality, public education and believes education to be an important stepping stone toward a more equal and just society overall.

Sean Miller

Cal Class of 2011

I was born and raised in Southern California. As far back as I can remember, I have been extremely interested in public policy. This focus on public policy has been a guiding force in my academic career. Now a fourth year at U.C. Berkeley, I have concentrated my efforts on foreign policy and international relations. I am currently at the UC Center in DC and doing an internship at the Treasury Department in the Office of Consumer Protection. The Office is tasked with standing up the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Elizabeth Warren is acting supervisor for the Office of Consumer Protection and is a special adviser to the president. She has been very busy working on the press aspect of things and will soon be integrated and caught up with the work our team is doing. There is a focused effort to interface with the public. The success of the Bureau is really dependent on how Americans feel about this bureau—that it will protect them and that they can seek guidance from our consumer complaints department.