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CCDE Fellowships

Civility Fellowships for Spring 2019 APA Projects

Application Deadline: 5:00pm, Friday, November 30th, 2018

The Civility Fellowships Program administered by GSPP’s Center on Civility & Democratic Engagement (CCDE)  is pleased to announce Spring 2019 funding-availability for eligible Advanced Policy Analysis (APA) projects advancing the Center’s mission.

We welcome applications from students planning APA projects for the spring. To be eligible, projects should 1) engage an APA client, and 2) craft a scope-of-work, that together establish a solid fit with the Center's mission and the Fellowship's purposes. That mission is as follows:

Public dialogue often lacks civility, and efforts made toward policy consensus rarely enjoy broad democratic engagement. Today’s hardened lines of political division threaten to aggravate and perpetuate social problems. CCDE focuses on preparing current and future leaders to successfully engage people of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints in the resolution of public policy issues. The need for more effective and successful democratic engagement is clearly seen in the paralysis and acrimony in our state and national governments, and in patterns of physical and other forms of violence worldwide. Through research, teaching, fellowships/internships and public events, students and the wider public learn about the range of deep beliefs and values which drive human social behavior. Along with acquiring expertise in democratic engagement, this knowledge is essential in helping diverse stakeholders achieve productive and enduring resolutions to pressing issues facing societies today.

The purpose of the Civility Fellowships Program is to provide financial and programmatic support for student projects advancing the Center’s mission.


The applicant’s APA project may involve the following kinds of work, among many others which may be eligible for the Fellowship: strategic-management studies of “trailblazer” organizations in civic engagement; design and/or evaluation of citizen-driven projects in local government; and policy analyses addressing challenges to civility and/or engagement and recommending necessary reforms. Past project examples funded via Civility Fellowships can be viewed in the Research section of CCDE’s website


(1) Final APA report completed under the supervision of the student's APA advisor.
(2) A post-semester policy brief or “case” generated from the full APA report.
(3) A project presentation to CCDE board members, faculty, staff and related audiences. 


All second-year MPP and concurrent degree students scheduled to complete their APA project in Spring 2019 are invited to apply.


To apply, please submit all required items listed below in one single consolidated PDF document. Please submit the document as an attachment to an email message sent to Larry Rosenthal, CCDE Program Director. Please send that message to the address lar@berkeley.edu. Please use the email subject-line “Spring 2019 Civility Fellowship Application” (without quotation marks). All applications must be received by 5:00 pm, Friday, November 30, 2018. Early submission of applications is encouraged. Items required for the application are as follows:

  • Applicant contact information (full name, email address, and telephone number[s])
  • Resume, vitae, or link to applicant’s complete LinkedIn page
  • Student's degree program(s) and intended year(s) of completion
  • APA project working title
  • Client information (e.g., name of individual sponsor and/or organizational client)
  • APA project description (max. 500 words) covering topic and/or issues presented, tentative problem definition, nature of planned work-effort, skill-sets to be utilized and/or developed, likely data source(s), and nature of deliverable(s) promised to the client
  • A brief statement (max. 250 words) describing how the project will further and/or expand CCDE's mission
  • Links to any additional downloadable documents you wish to make part of your application, such as references, websites providing background information, or examples of work already completed
  • A list of all other known sources of support expected for the APA project (e.g., client-provided stipend and/or in-kind project support)

Fellowship award amounts will be determined by the Center, with a target average award in the $2,500-$3,000 range. The number and amount of fellowship awards will vary depending on the number of applications received, the number of selected applicants, and the annual allocation of Center resources toward the Fellowship Program. Awards will be announced prior to the end of the fall semester. NOTE: Fellowship awards will be administered via standard UC Berkeley central-campus payment systems. Payment may depend upon the awardee’s eligibility within university compensation policies and/or financial aid limits.