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Cal Class of ‘68 and Friends

Gathering Forever

Quarterly Gatherings




The Cal Alumni Association spoke about The Achievement Award Program (TAAP). UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau discussed the state of higher education.




University Librarian Jeffrey MacKie-Mason led a tour of the reimagined New Moffitt Undergraduate Library, which has been completely renovated and slightly expanded.



Classmate Jane Leroe led a Cal historical tour of Mountain View Cemetery covering the early history of UC Berkeley and many of its famous founders, faculty and alumni, including Henry Durant, the LeConte brothers, Jane K. Sather, Julia Morgan and others. The history of several landmarks on the campus as well as Cal traditions were also included in the tour. 





Introduction and tour of the new UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, led by Lynne Kimura and graduate students. Director Larry Rosenthal talked about the CCDE's newest initiatives. Attendees also heard from Shannon Lin, one of our Fall 2015 UC in DC students. Read her story.


A conversation on how the current campus environment affects all Cal constituents.

JuneSandra Bass, Prithi Trivedi and Bradley Afroilan discuss public service, constituent engagement and a civil community.


A brunch gathering hosted by Bob and Sheryl Wong.


Dean of Students Joseph Greenwell spoke on how to support undergraduates in the challenges they face in their academic lives.




A conversation with Dean Edward Wasserman of the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism on free speech and the press.


Bruce Cain, UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus and current member of the Center on Civility & Democratic Engagement Advisory Board, discussed his recent book titled Democracy More or Less: America's Political Reform Quandary.


Meeting with the ASUC student leadership and tour of the recently rebuilt MLK Student Union and Eshleman Hall.




Introduction to the Lower Sproul Redevelopment Project, a multi-million dollar student-led program, with ASUC Senator Briana Mullen.


Daniel Kammen, Class of 1935 Professor of Energy, provided insight on how to accelerate the low carbon energy economy.


GSPP lecturer Daniel Heimpel spoke on journalism for social change and his work with the foster care system.




45th Reunion Training

June & August

45th Reunion Phonathon


A conversation with Dean Henry Brady and Professor Bruce Cain on the political changes that have shaped the campus and the world since the Class of ‘68 graduated


James Prieger, Associate Professor of Public Policy at the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy, spoke on civic engagement in California and why we are behind



Cameron Anderson, Associate Professor, Haas School of Business, Management of Organizations Group, sharing insights from his Power and Politics course


Gathering at The 1968 Exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA). “…..one of the most powerful years in recent history in this unforgettable exhibition exploring the social, political and economic events of 1968”


Tour of the newly renovated Berkeley Law building (Boalt Hall) with the project architects, our own ’68 classmates Kit Ratcliff and Robert Wong


Pete Peterson, Executive Director of the Davenport Institute at Pepperdine’s School of Public Policy on Public Engagement: The Vital Leadership Skill in Difficult Times


March Celebration of the 30th Quarterly Gathering - A Gathering for Alums from the 60's
June Paul Licht, Executive Director, UC Botanical Gardens
September       Countdown to the 45th Reunion: Creatively making connections and celebrating Cal
December Jefferson Coombs, new Executive Director of the Cal Alumni Association


March Student from Residence Hall Association
June Mary Selkirk/David Booher - Center for Collaborative Policy, CSU Sacramento
September       Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) with PIXAR Tour (Host Sheryl Wong '67)
December Joani Carpenter, Cal Alumni Association - CAA Equity Scholarships


March Martin Brennan, I-House Executive Director
June Michael O'Hare, Professor of Public Policy, Arts Policy
August       Private Tour of the new Cal East Asian Library with Peter Zhou
December Andrew Szeri, Dean, Graduate Division


March John Cummins, Rertiring as chief of staff for four chancellors, fostering civility at Cal
May 40th Reunion Phoning
September        Susan Carpenter, Founding Director, Program for Community Problem Solving
December Gathering Forever Looks to the Second 5 Years



Students from Cal-in-Sacramento Program with Ethan Rarick, Director


George Scharffenberger, Executive Director, Richard C. Blum Center for Developing Economies


Discussion on Affiliation for Class of '68 Center

December            Ziza Delgado '08, Robert & Colleen Haas Scholars Program, Free Speech Movement Research Project; GSPP, Robert Reich, Annette Doornbos/Erika Antonsen '68 35th Reunion Scholarship - Graduation Report


March Class of '68 Proposal - Draft Committee
June Draft of Proposal for Class of '68 Center
September Students from Cal Semester in DC with Dr. Michael Goldstein, Director, Kathy Slusser Program Coordinator
December              Bruce Cain, IGS Director, UC Center in Washington DC Director


March Dr. Paula Nesbitt, Sociology, Religion and Student at Cal - The '60's to Today
June Prof. Jack Citrin, Political Science, public opinion and political behavior
September       Daniel M. Kammen, Co-Director, Berkeley Institute of the Environment (BiE)
December Prof. Taeku Lee, Political Science, Ethnic Politics


January Discussion on Gathering Forever
March The Plan for Gathering Forever
June George Breslauer Exec. Dean, College of L&S, Dean of Social Sciences - Idea for a Class of '68 Center at Cal
September            Dave Duer '68, Director, Library Development - Personal Library Tour - The Vision for Bancroft Renovation
December            Erika Antonsen '08, Cal Class of '68 Reunion Scholarship Recipient


March Prof. Susan Rasky, School of Journalism, The Freshman Seminar at Cal
May 35th Reunion Phoning
September    George Breslauer, Exec. Dean, College of L&S, Dean of Social Sciences

Special Events

May 10, 2011 Reception Honoring Spring '11 Student Recipients of Class of '68 GSPP APA Research Awards
Sept. 11-13, 2008 Class of '68 goes to DC
March/May 2008 UC Discover Cal Series with Bruce Cain and Dan Schnur, 2008 Elections
Nov. 2007 Letter to all 5,200 Classmates
April 19-21, 2007 Class of '68 goes to DC
April 22, 2005 IGS Conference on Democracy and Global Islam

Past Homecoming Lectures 2003-2007

Oct. 2007 Off Mike: A Conversation with Michael Krasny and Bruce Cain
Oct. 2006 Carol Lui '64, California State Assemblymember
Oct. 2005 Prof. Ken Jowitt, Cal Professor of Political Science
Oct. 2004    John Vasconcellos, California State Assembly and Senate
Oct. 2003 The Free Speech Movement Panel


To receive e-mails about future Gatherings, get involved or volunteer e-mail: CAL68@BLUECONNECT.ORG