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Graduate Student Researcher
Spring 2018

The Berkeley Institute for the Future of Young Americans (BIFYA) at the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley is recruiting a one-year Graduate Student Researcher to be appointed at 50% time. The expected start date is January 15, 2018 and the recruitment will be open until filled. The level of appointment will be commensurate with the applicant’s experience. Preference will be give to students who can commit to working through Fall 2018.

Job Description

This position provides research assistance to the research team. Responsibilities include (but are not limited to) performing quantitative analysis, organizing and maintaining databases, conducting literature searches, abstracting documents, and presenting research results.

  • Analyze and code quantitative data.
  • Conduct statistical analyses of data. Includes organizing and maintaining databases and preparing analyses, charts, tables, graphs, and maps.
  • Perform literature searches, prepare and annotate bibliographies and abstract data source materials.
  • Contact government agencies and other organizations to request data and other program information.
  • Present research results. May include preparing written reports as well as presenting results in seminars and other forums.
  • Exercise initiative in providing research assistance.
  • Perform administrative tasks as required.
  • Master’s degree (or Master's degree candidates) in economics, public health, public policy, psychology, sociology or a related field, or equivalent experience.
  • Solid computer skills:
  • Knowledge of STATA, SAS, R or another statistical package is required.
  • Knowledge of GIS software is desirable.
  • Experience in quantitative analysis, along with proven analytical ability, will be important assets.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills and attention to detail
The Institute

The Berkeley Institute for the Future of Young Americans (BIFYA) is a research center located at the Goldman School of Public Policy. Its goal is to make national, state, and local policy sustainable and fair across generations. The Center’s mission is to promote high-quality, non-partisan research with the aim of generating a fact-based, non-partisan discussion regarding how best to invest in future generations in order to ensure their long- term security and success.

The Project

As the first generation raised on the internet and social media, as a generation that came of age in the wake of the 2008 recession, and as a generation still grappling with increased economic uncertainty and worsening financial prospects in the wake of this recession, Millennials are experiencing anxiety like no other generation. But just how bad is this problem? Anxiety is a growing problem in the United States, especially among young adults and college students. The costs of anxiety disorder and mental disorders on the U.S. economy are large and increasing. Anxiety leads to an increased burden on the health care system, a loss in earnings for workers, and reduced productivity. Most recent estimates from the 90s approximated that the direct and indirect costs of anxiety disorder are around $47 billion. What is behind the spike in rates of anxiety? Why are younger Americans increasingly at risk? To date, public policy, public health, medical, psychological, and economic disciplines have yet to fully examine the many underlying complicated factors driving these trends. This cross-disciplinary study tackles these important unresolved questions – it investigates what is causing the increase in anxiety among young adults, it projects what the consequences may be for young Americans and for society as a whole if the problem goes unresolved, and it explores what the right policy solutions are to address it. 


The appointment level and salary for this position is based upon experience and qualifications. Appointments at 50% include full fee remission, in addition to the hourly salary. The most recent UC Berkeley GSR Salary Sale can be found here.

Job Location

Berkeley, CA


       Updated C.V.
       Cover Letter
       The names and contact information for two references.

How to Apply

Send an email with all materials to with the subject line "BIFYA Spring 2018 GSR"