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Our Research and Projects


We produce high quality, non-partisan research that examines the crucial budget dilemma of our time – how do we continue to take care of an aging population while ensuring the long-term well-being of the next generation? Primary areas of research focus around entitlement reform (Social Security, Medicare, and Public Pensions), higher education policy, and reform to the budgetary process and public finance.

Policy Recommendations

We formulate sensible proposals for policy makers and politicians and produce regular briefs to inform on issues of opportunity and generational fairness.  Researchers and affiliated scholars regularly communicate with policy makers in order to ensure that the Institute's research is effectively used to enact change on a local, state, and federal level.

Education & Outreach

We focus on educating the next generation of leaders on important issues of generational equity, with a particular eye toward translating education to advocacy. Through coursework, seminars, engagement with policymakers and experts on these issues, BIFYA equips the next generation with the necessary tools to enact social change on their own behalf.

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