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Berkeley Institute for the Future of Young Americans

About Us

The Berkeley Institute for the Future of Young Americans (BIFYA) promotes high quality scholarship to explore policy choices, communicates with policy makers and politicians to help ensure informed policy decisions, and educates the next generation of leaders so that they have the tools necessary to enact social change.


The Berkeley Institute for the Future of Young Americans seeks to make national, state, and local policy sustainable and fair across generations. The Institute's mission is to promote high-quality, non-partisan research with the aim of advancing the following broader goals:

  • Generate a fact-based, non-partisan discussion at a national level regarding current budget issues facing our country and how best to invest in future generations.
  • Develop sensible, research-driven policy proposals to equip stakeholders with the solutions needed to address these challenges.
  • Promote bold leadership among Millennials in order to encourage civic engagement and ensure their generation’s long-term security and success.