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Information About MPA Students

Why Berkeley MPA Students

The Goldman School of Public Policy, ranked among the top public policy programs in the nation, offers a one-year Master of Public Affairs (MPA) degree.  The focus of the degree is on policy analysis combined with deep engagement with questions of organizational leadership, innovation, strategy and adaptation. Designed for mid-career professionals in the public, private and non-profit sectors, the MPA curriculum has been strategically designed to not only equip students with the fundamentals to succeed in policy driven roles, but also give them the leadership skills necessary to excel.

Accomplished Leaders

Entering the program mid-career, the MPA cohort are accomplished managers and executives in their fields, with diverse and deep work experience, and, in some cases, already hold an advanced degree or advanced training in a field. MPA students typically arrive with an average of 10 years of experience in professional workplaces such as consulting, education, government, military, philanthropy, social policy, the arts, and tech. With a combination of seasoned work experience and the skills learned in the MPA program, students are poised to take on leadership roles in which they can leverage their unique strengths and experience.

Renowned Faculty

MPA graduates bring to your organization the knowledge they have acquired from top faculty, researchers and practitioners who are on the leading edge of today's most pressing public policy issues: climate change, energy, education, poverty, and the political process.

Practical Policy Experience

Providing students with hands-on exposure to real-world policy situations is a cornerstone of the MPA Program. Applying the skills learned throughout the program, each MPA student, with faculty guidance, works with a client organization to conduct an analysis of a significant policy or programmatic challenge or opportunity facing the organization or policy practitioner. Students propose recommendations that may lead to significant changes in policy and organizational management practices.

Interested in recruiting or learning more about our MPA students? Contact MPA Career Coach, Misty Loetterle, mistyann@berkeley.edu