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Catherine Hutto Gordon

President & Trustee, Hutto Patterson Charitable Foundation

Catherine Hutto Gordon


Catherine is Trustee of and is President of the Hutto Patterson Charitable Foundation whose purpose is to provide access to education at all levels.  She and her Board seek out grant projects, create innovative grant ideas and oversee their progress, evaluate project outcomes, as well as participate personally as opportunities allow.

She is a retired child and family social worker, having specialized in infant mental health and parent/child psychotherapy.   Her clients included foster care children and their bio and foster families, as well as special-needs children and their caregivers.  Catherine’s present occupations include pursuing varied philanthropic projects and serving on several nonprofit boards in directorships and advisory roles. 

Her Berkeley Campus affiliations include serving on the UC Berkeley Foundation’s Board of Trustees, serving as chairman of the Graduate School of Education’s Dean’s Advisory Board, membership in the School of Social Welfare’s Dean’s Board of Advisors, and membership of the GSPP Dean’s Advisory Board.  She is a member of the Benjamin Ide Wheeler Society, a lifetime member of the Cal Alumni Association, the Charter Hill Society, and a Builder of Berkeley.

Catherine’s early career was in banking and finance.  Her experience includes holding management positions at several financial institutions.   Later, she returned to graduate study at the USC School of Social Work in the ‘90’s, to pursue her original goals, having majored in Social Welfare as an undergraduate at Cal in the early ‘70s.