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Why I Chose Goldman

Jonathan Peterson, MPP '15

Jonathan Peterson is a first-year MPP student at the Goldman School of Public Policy.

My answer to the question why I came to Goldman changes quite regularly. Sometimes, I invoke the professional answer. I came to Goldman for the analytical/quantitative toolkit that will help me become a more nimble, and hopefully more employable person.  Occasionally, you will get the policy answer. I want to change the course of public education, make higher educational institutions more accessible and affordable. You may also get the educational response. I love teaching and I love being in classrooms.  Lectures bring a smile to my face and seeing how educational institutions function is what fascinates me more than anything else. Or, you may get the vacation response. I wanted to take a break from professional life and be a student one last time, network with new people and become inspired by students who have a passion for solving public problems. 

I bring up my various answers to this question because I hope that if you are a prospective student, you are asking yourself how spending two years at Goldman will transform your own path. My answer changes because every day at Goldman seems a little bt different. I have so many answers to the question of why I came to Goldman because what I am learning is changing not only my skills, but also my perspective on how to best change the world. Perhaps my ruminations on the question of why I came to GSPP will serve to help you determine whether spending two years in a humble frat house will alter your own personal trajectory and hopefully make you a more well-rounded person along the more