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Finding My Way to the Goldman School

Felix Owusu, MPP '15

Felix Owusu is a first-year Master of Public Policy student at the Goldman School of Public Policy.

Before coming to the Goldman School of Public Policy I was an economic and financial consultant. My work consisted largely of doing research for use in complex business litigation, and it had all of the qualities I thought I wanted in a job. It allowed me to use and expand my background in economic research, provided an opportunity to develop skills in data analysis, and afforded me access to more resources than any researcher or analyst could hope for. Further, I was confident that the work I did had a huge impact, sometimes with hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars at stake.

Still, however, I felt that something important was missing. At first I thought it was the long hours and uncertain schedule that got to me, but eventually I realized that I hadn’t really bought into the societal importance of the work we were doing. In choosing a profession I had focused so much on how I would work at my job (with data, with academically grounded methodologies, with a diverse group of experts), that I had scarcely considered what I would actually be working on. After a lot of thought, I knew that I needed to change career paths and focus on the issues that were important to more