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Posts from 2018

Finding Policies That Work

By Dean Henry E. Brady

Gene Bardach’s classic Eight Fold Path tells us that doing policy analysis requires eight steps:  identifying problems, assessing their severity, constructing alternative approaches, evaluating them, projecting likely outcomes, confronting tradeoffs, deciding, and telling a story.   Some acade… More

Hilary Hoynes Elected to American Academy of Arts & Sciences

From Dean Henry E. Brady

I am very pleased to announce that the American Academy of Arts and Sciences announced today that Professor Hilary Hoynes of the Goldman School has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. The American Academy is one of the oldest and most prestigious honorary societies in America, and it is a l… More

State Tax Codes Up for Review After Federal Tax Overhaul

• States should reconsider credits, exemptions, deductions  • Volatile revenue, pressure to cut taxes are factors  • Some states are more transparent than others  (Bloomberg Law)—States must reconsider every part of their own tax codes as they figure out th… More

Space Matters

Deploying Spatial Data to Solve Public Policy Problems

Imagine that you’ve been given a map of the entire rail system in India with the assignment to determine where to place grain silos in order to maximize utility and minimize transportation costs. Or perhaps you’ve been tasked with determining how many coast guard helicopters are needed to monitor the H… More