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States Can Contain Health Care Costs. Here’s How.

by Richard M. Scheffler and Sherry Glied

The architects of the Affordable Care Act counted on competition in the health insurance market to keep costs down and quality high. While the law has accomplished many of its coverage and cost-containment goals, its vision of a more competitive insurance market seems to be fading. The nation’s second-… More

What Can Stop Kids From Dropping Out

by David L. Kirp

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have both trumpeted their proposals to expand college access and reduce student debt, but an even bigger problem is going ignored, at least by politicians: college dropouts. The statistics are jaw-dropping. Only 53 percent of college freshmen earn a bachelor’s de… More

Reforming Democracy From the Grassroots Up

Frustrated by a somnolent Congress, a bipartisan group is tackling campaign finance reform one city at a time.

Represent.Us, a bipartisan group, is trying to build momentum for campaign finance and lobbying reform by pushing legislation at the state and local level. (Photo: Christopher Huang/Represent.Us) Following the April demonstrations in Washington for campaign finance and voting rights reform, BillMoyers.c… More

Stan Collender Testifies before US Senate Budget Committee

Stan Collender (MPP '76) is the Executive Vice President of Qorvis MSLGROUP.  He gave the following testimony before the United States Senate Committee on the Budget on April 27, 2016. Chairman Enzi, Senator Whitehouse and members of the committee: As a former intern and staff member of this committee f… More