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Goldman School Welcomes Hilary Hoynes

Professor Hilary Hoynes, a noted public finance and labor economist currently at the University of California, Davis, will join the GSPP faculty on July 1, 2013. She will also have an appointment in the Economics Department. She will hold the Haas Distinguished Chair in Economic Disparities. Professor Hoynes stu… More

“Inequality for All” Premieres at Sundance

Chancellor's Professor Robert Reich teams up with filmmaker Jocob Kornbluth in a feature documentary exploring America's widening income inequality. Inequality for All premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival to strong reviews. In the documentary--much of which was filmmed at the Goldman School an… More

Shootings mark an end of innocence

Until Friday morning, Newtown, Conn., pop. 27,560, was known, if at all, as the place where Scrabble was invented. Its residents - well-off - liked it that way. Then came the massacre: 26 dead, including 20 elementary schoolchildren. The event changes everything, not just for Newtown but for America. In recent ye… More

Red Versus Blue in a New Light

The basic question driving the 2012 campaign was always clear: could Mitt Romney gain enough of the vote among older, upper-income white Americans to overcome President Obama’s overwhelming advantage among young, low-income and minority voters? As in previous elections, richer voters leaned Republican while… More