Executive Education

Thought Leaders for a Just Society


Sometimes, it's just about framing the right question: how can we develop effective public-private partnerships to reduce the youth unemployment rate? How do we involve civil society to make our governing institutions more transparent? How do we reconcile rule of law with powerful self interests?

Berkeley Global Executive Education (BGEE) programs are custom designed to guide the world’s leading policy makers, executives, and scholars to better answers. Our method is unique - open engagement, free exchange of ideas, lectures from Berkeley’s greatest thinkers and practitioners - leveraging the wealth of resources from the world’s number one public university.


We define it as bringing the best and brightest into one collaborative space, where a free flow of ideas, research and policy options are analyzed, discussed, and reimagined. Our objective is simple: to cultivate thought leaders for a just society.

Policy Engagement

Our practitioners lead the nation in cutting-edge research on diverse issues across the economic, political, social, and environmental policy areas. Practical case studies, simulations and active discussions shape our policy seminars, leaving you with a plurality of perspectives and a strong policy toolkit.

Life-Long Partnership

BGEE boasts a growing international alumni network, which spans 4 continents and 30 nations, with influential leaders in senior government positions, global businesses, non-profit boards, and top-tier academia. Upon graduation, you become a part of this exceptional global community and an extension of the UC Berkeley family.

Practical Experience:
The Bay Area as a Hub of Policy Innovation

UC Berkeley is strategically located in the Bay Area, a hub of economic, social and technological innovation. As part of our program, we venture outside the classroom to learn from our community partners -- leading tech firms, public agencies and prominent nonprofits. Impacted on site, many of our fellows have returned to their home countries and implemented critical changes in their departments and policies, transforming the lives of thousands of people. 

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